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The concept of sticking pins in a doll used to inflict pain on others is not traditional in the practice of Haitian Vodun. Dolls/figurines have been used as symbolic icons on shrines or in rituals to represent the Loa/Lwa (Divine forces of nature). 

Voodoo dolls are now commonly found in New Orleans, Louisiana; this is due to the mix of spiritual practices including Vodun, Hoodoo and European magical practices.Some Western African practices use figures with and nails and pins in them they are known as nkisi. However instead of being used to inflict pain they are essentially a container of spiritual forces that are used for healing purposes. The concept of revenge dolls can be traced back to medieval European folk magic with use of poppets, effigies of specific people, which were used to place curses. The poppets however were also used for positive purposes such as healing and bringing good luck.NOTE INCLUDING VISUALS

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Olmec Colossal Head, Mexico.

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Young men and women borrowing books from a mobile library in the Gold Coast (West Africa’s first bookmobiles were brought to the colony by the British). On the road for over 100 days a year, these vans traveled across the country providing greater access to books to those outside of the major capitals.


The #goldenstool…a #symbol of leadership and #royalty in Ghana… perfect time to make this as #Ghana plays in the #worldcup
Shining like gold.